Being and Making Disciples of Jesus Together

Whether you’ve been at Summitview since we began in 1984 or you’re checking us out for the very first time, we’re glad you’re here. Because the church isn’t a building; it’s people – people called by God to love him with all they’ve got. We don’t do church for church’s sake; we do it for his sake. Together. Thanks for making that possible.

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True Community, True Purpose

Community is a big deal these days. People love to talk about being in and belonging to “authentic” communities. There are even community gardens. But community for community’s sake is a dead end. Jesus is the author of what it means to be in communion. He died on a cross so that we could experience the ultimate sense of belonging and purpose.

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Equipping Disciples

We believe that our primary function as believers of Jesus is to go and be disciples. Sometimes, this takes a little extra equipping, a little extra encouragement and making sure we all know what opportunities are open to us.

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Watch, Listen, Grow

Messages, teachings, sermons. Whichever term you prefer, we got ‘em. Check out our current series, browse past series or search our sermon archive. Because while that never-ending rabbit hole of YouTube videos is pretty entertaining, it’s not always edifying. And Jesus can satisfy your needs better than Charlie the unicorn can, anyway.

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Current Series


Why Jesus Matters

Why is the life of Jesus so powerful and distinct? Who is he, really? Every person must decide: does Jesus matter? He left no writings, commanded no armies, built no structures and, yet, Jesus remains the most influential person who ever lived.

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